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Case Study – Solving Legacy in Oil and Gas Technology


The client’s business had evolved over a number of years and had become  heavily IP based. It provided a technology product enabling Oil and Gas infrastructure owners to deploy to measure the structural integrity of their platforms & structures above or below the sea.

Having attended a business sales event hosted by Hyde House and subsequently asking them to sell the business there was one key issue that had to be resolved concerning the running of the business.

How would the buyer protect its legacy including staff, current location and commitment to continue to research further IP?

Hyde House recognized that the business was a synergistic fit with a number of existing and international Oil and Gas businesses despite by comparison its relatively small scale. It was established that the exit value would probably be significantly larger if   the ‘trade buyer’ route was pursued but similarly illustrated that the risks to legacy could not be managed.  The offices may well be moved to a more traditional Oil and Gas territory resulting in loss of jobs in the local office.

The shareholders wished to ensure that a transaction could be completed without this risk. Accordingly Hyde House introduced them to the world of private equity and to leveraged buy-outs.

Working with the PE team the shareholders gained confidence in the protections that would be afforded and Hyde House negotiated an appropriate deal value and structure. The business continues to prosper and grow from its original location.

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