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Business Sale Negotiation Services

Have you been approached by a potential buyer, are you wondering what to do next?


The importance of professional representation

It is not unusual for a business to receive an approach from another company or their advisor. It is however unusual and in some cases unwise to get too far into any discussions regarding terms and business value without professional representation.

Selling a business is about much more than generating initial interest, no matter how flattering it may be.

Hyde House can tailor its service and fees to assist you at these early or more advanced stages. Our professional representation can help to ensure that the value, the deal structure and the detailed contract terms are the best you can achieve.

Securing maximum value

Our charges are based on a ‘No Success, No Completion Fee’ basis and therefore our goals are always aligned with our client's. It is in both parties interest to secure the highest possible purchase price underpinned with a deliverable and low risk structure.

We carefully manage the offer process where possible introducing other potential buyers creating a competitive interest in the business and potentially creating competitive offers and counter offers until the maximum value has been reached.

Adding value to a transaction

It is important to understand the overall value that will be returned to you by appointing Hyde House as your experienced and expert advisor and what the fee you will pay upon a successful completion actually represents.

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Price is not the only point to consider.

Hyde House will work diligently with all the professionals involved to ensure that the terms and conditions of the transaction meet your requirements, limit your post sale liabilities and most importantly that you retain the full proceeds of your business sale.

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