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Marketing a business for sale with Hyde House Business Brokers

Our proactive approach to business sale marketing

Our business sale advisory service includes a comprehensive, multi-channel research and marketing initiative. This proactive approach consistently generates interest, attracts offers and leads to a successful outcome.

There are many brokers who rely solely on advertising online and in trade publications. We do not believe that advertising in this way is an effective means of selling businesses of the size and complexity that we specialise in. Hyde House specialises in businesses with a turnover of £1-£20 million.

Hyde House takes a focused and proactive approach to marketing a business for sale.

Our confidential marketing model has been developed specifically for SME businesses. By focusing our efforts exclusively on completing business sales within the middle market we are able to dedicate more resources to a small number of well served clients who received a fully advised and end–to-end service led by a senior partner.

Our marketing model follows two distinct streams.

A dedicated campaign - Actively seeking out buyers through research and confidential marketing activities. Targeting buyers who may be competitors, synergistic businesses or professional investors.

A network of potential buyers and deal makers – Hyde House has cultivated a network of business professionals including high net worth individuals, private equity groups, corporate finance professionals and investment bankers in the UK and abroad. Using this global peer-to-peer network produces fantastic results for our clients.

Identify potential buyers for your business.

Professional marketing materials specifically created for your business.

Pro-actively generating enquiries acting as a confidential third party intermediary.

Our research and marketing methods consistently achieve results.

Our fees are based upon a successful completion.

Globally networked with potential buyers, private equity groups and corporate finance professionals.

Our clients are guided and supported through the entire process by a business sales expert.

Marketing your business for sale through a dedicated campaign


1. Identifying Potential Buyers

Hyde House will work with you to create a profile of the types of individuals and organisations that would be ideal targets for discreet and confidential marketing. We will also ensure that the wrong candidates are black listed from our marketing efforts to ensure your intentions are not disclosed to unsuitable parties.

We will then create a comprehensive list of targets which we will gather using our in-house researchers and research tools together with our extensive experience.

2. Bespoke Marketing Materials

Hyde House will take the time to understand your business and undertake comprehensive fact-find and will use this knowledge to create dynamic and informative multimedia marketing materials.

Teaser Document

A teaser document will be created for the initial contact with potential buyers The purpose of this teaser document is to outline the opportunity and relevant figures and to generate further interest without revealing any sensitive information or identifying the seller.

Information Document

Once a buyer has demonstrated an interest and has been qualified as a genuine buyer with the ability and funding to acquire your business, we will seek your approval to disclose the Information document within the protection of an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

The information document utilises a well refined format designed to present a business for sale at its very best whilst encompassing all the relevant details in an easy to digest manner.

Our bespoke marketing materials are amongst the best in the industry, we often receive comments of praise regarding our marketing methods.

“The information document Hyde House created was so good that our buyer effectively made up his mind before meeting us that the business was right for him and that the valuation was achievable. - Software Company

3. Contacting potential buyers & initial discussions

Hyde House will work tirelessly and discreetly to contact potential buyers. Acting as a confidential intermediary we will present buyers with opportunities, gather leads and make appointments for initial discussions.

Marketing your business to a network of potential buyers

Hyde House has cultivated a network of professionals including Private Equity groups and High Net Worth individuals looking to invest in an array of sectors.

Suitable opportunities are presented to our network of professionals reinforcing our marketing methods and providing us with unique access to a wide array of potential buyers.

Initial Discussions

Our marketing services consistently achieve results but make up only part of our comprehensive business sales service.

Initial discussions and meetings are fully managed by a senior Partner who will chaperone you through the entire process and help you present your business at its best.

Once offers have been secured negotiations can begin, a senior partner will find the buyer's price ceiling and will demonstrate the key selling points and the full future potential of a business to achieve maximum value.

Our relationship based service

Our service is relationship based; we work as your business partner at every step to ensure that a business is sold for maximum value with integrity, confidentiality and professionalism and wherever possible we strive to make our clients transaction tax efficient and limit our clients post sale liabilities.

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Discover how we can market your business for sale and manage the deal through to completion.

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