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Is invoice factoring the right option for your business?

Invoice factoring may be suitable for your business if you operate in the B2B sector with a turnover of £500k or more.

Factoring will allow you to gain access to up to 85% of an invoice value quickly and in some cases instantly.

Invoice factoring also allows you to concentrate on running your business by outsourcing your businesses credit control to a third party.

The benefits of invoice factoring

  • Use the initial lump sum raised to finance your project, acquisition, working capital, acquisition etc. It’s your choice
  • Receive up to 85% of the value of your invoices quickly/instantly
  • Improve your businesses cash flow
  • Outsource your credit control so you can focus on business development and reduce overheads.

Why should I speak to Hyde House about invoice factoring?

Hyde House can identify appropriate invoice factoring providers and help you choose the right package for your business needs. Our service is free of charge to end users and our referral is rewarded by the funding provider.

  • Impartial expert advice from a financial services professional
  • Access to an extensive array of providers
  • Receive our expert guidance to help you select the right invoice factoring facility on a totally cost free basis
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