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Why is Hyde House so successful?

Despite the gloomy market conditions Hyde House continues to sell businesses. We have consistently performed in the mid-sized to larger acquisitions market place.

Hyde House can assist in all business sectors but most recently successful transactions have been made in the following industries:

  • Technology Services
  • Financial Accounting Software
  • Manufacturing
  • New Media
  • Internet Marketing
  • Insurance Systems
  • Consultancy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Importers / Wholesalers

Deal sizes have ranged from £1m to £11m in this period.

Hyde House is successful in finding buyers for these businesses because:

  • The expert who you meet is the expert that focuses exclusively on the disposal. There is no handover to a less experienced ‘B’ team.
  • Hyde House is networked throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA as evidenced by the buyers for the businesses above including Indian and American and French companies
  • Hyde House is extensively networked in the UK as evidenced by a disposal to one of the largest quoted UK companies
  • The research into potential purchasers is conducted exclusively by Hyde House with access to powerful market information tools
  • We have investors (both high net worth private individuals and commercial) seeking deals
  • Our Clients view their transactions as being successful not only due to the efficiency of the process which we manage from start to finish, but most importantly because in every instance we have exceeded the expected selling price therefore maximising the client’s exit and structuring the deal so the consideration is properly protected and guaranteed.

Are you are mid-sized or larger business? Hyde House provides a highly personal service and will give you an appraisal of our ability to help find you a successful transaction and will agree a fee structure that is guaranteed to be highly competitive in the market place.

How are we able to guarantee competitive fees? Unlike many of our competitors we do not carry large infrastructural overheads and nor do we take on cases where we feel that the chances of successful disposal are low. Therefore we focus exclusively on finding you a buyer and nothing else!

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