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Professional representation for business sales and acquisitions

The value Hyde House can add to your transaction

It is important to understand the overall value that will be returned to you by appointing Hyde House as your experienced and expert advisor and what the fee you will pay upon a successful completion actually represents.

It is of course possible for business owners to attempt to sell their business without professional representation, however it is likely that they will make extremely costly mistakes while also being distracted from the day to day running of their business.

Business owners are skilled in what they do i.e. running their company. Hyde House participates in mergers and acquisitions every day and is therefore highly skilled and experienced in their principle activity of buying and selling businesses on the best possible terms.

The broker’s role is in many ways even more important than that of a lawyer or accountant. The broker’s responsibilities include, finding the right buyers and generating offers, negotiating the terms of the sale and managing the transaction while providing expert support throughout the entire process.

With this in mind it is clear that professional representation is the key to a successful transaction.

Hyde House adds value to your transaction by:

  • Building a trusting relationship with you and undertaking a comprehensive fact finding initiative to fully understand your business operations and your personal goals. We understand that to many owner-managers the terms and structure of a business sale are not just about price.
  • Greatly improving the chances of a successful outcome. Based on face to face discussions we will create a strategic plan that helps to maximise the likelihood of a successful transaction.
  • Helping you to understand the value of your business and manage the price expectations of all stakeholders. Any price inhibitors or maximisers will be identified and where possible ‘fixed’ or accentuated to build further value. 
  • Illustrating the various options available and creating choice.

Case study – the importance of legacy
Hyde House negotiated the best terms for the sale of a client’s IT business with a trade buyer and a Private Equity firm. The directors were given a choice that went beyond best price. Either they could sell to a Scandinavian company for X or to the Private Equity firm for Y, (Y being several hundred thousand pounds less than X). Ultimately the Client chose the lesser offer to protect the legacy of the business in the UK. They feared that the jobs may be moved to Scandinavia. Hyde House also negotiated a retained shareholding in the new company enabling the directors to look forward to a second exit with further capital payments.

  • Creating buyer and contact lists based on our international network and desk-based research. Hyde House has sold businesses into America, India, Europe and to large UK companies e.g. Capita PLC
  • Confidentially and discreetly presenting your business to the right buyer types with high quality and comprehensively detailed business information that includes teaser documents, information packs, data rooms and hosted password protected web links.
  • Ensuring the transaction is properly structured. There are risks to every transaction and Hyde House will help you understand them and to balance risk against the certainty of receiving payment.

No one transaction is ever the same. Not only does value differ, but so does how and when the consideration is paid to you. This can be a combination of cash up front and further payments that sometimes are based upon continued performance. In some circumstances, the only way a transaction can be concluded is with the vendor’s financial assistance in a deal structure sometimes referred to as a Leveraged Buy Out(LBO).

  • Providing expert project management of the entire process. Agreeing on price is only a small part of a successful transaction. There are many hours and ‘hard yards’ to be worked in relation to Legal, Financial and Commercial due diligence.
  • Managing the timing of the transaction to ensure it is undertaken with all parties properly aligned and motivated to complete as quickly as possible.
  • Recommending suitable lawyers and working in partnership with them to ensure that the agreements you enter into are the best terms for you.

A safe pair of hands for the management of your business sale

Hyde House is your ‘safe pair of hands’. There is huge peace of mind to be gained from knowing that the price you receive, the deal structure and legal contracts you enter into and the people you engage with, are being managed by Hyde House. This deep knowledge of the process and repeated successes help to ensure that ultimately our fee is more than adequately covered by the sale price achieved and the increased certainty of a successful outcome.


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