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Small Businesses Take Heed  - Online Crime Boom!

The Government is warning small and medium businesses to invest more money into the security of their computer systems.

Last year showed an increase in computer crime according to a survey that was released this week. A 50% increase which is apparently due to a lax mentality of management.  Just under 90% of small businesses were sufferers of computer hacking and some were their own employees.

Some of the small businesses suffered losses of £35k - £65k this is the same as a 6% turnover for many of them.

Larger businesses with over 250 staff were originally the target with over 90% struggling to cope as losses were suffered of £450k - £850k again a huge increase compared to the previous year.  The Government understand that security is a massive concern and are trying to help SME’s by enlisting security consultants to work on defences.

The business department that is run by Vince Cable has £500,000 and it is asking small companies to make their bids for a share up to £5000 and alongside are offering some advice about cyber-crime as it needs to be a priority.

The most alarming finding from these surveys was that a large chunk of these breaches actually came from staff within these organisations.

Companies have increased their IT budgets by an extra 2% to include room for IT security.  The information security director at Business Advisors PwC, Andrew Miller said that there needs to be more of an increase than 2%.

There is a warning from consultants that companies will already be facing quite an increase in costs to meet the varied security provisions in the EU cyber directive.

The EU cyber directive could result In a mass reform of the entire online sector. Small businesses and organisation may struggle to keep up with the cost of the reforms according to Sheila Pancholi who is a partner at business advisors RSM Tenon, this could have an effect on their businesses and their profits.

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